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DeleD 3D Editor PRO 1.8

DeleD 3D Editor PRO 1.8

DeleD 3D Editor PRO Publisher's Description

DeleD - Building 3D Worlds with Ease DeleD is a 3D modeler and level-editor combined into one. It allows you to create 3D objects and scenes by manipulating primitives like poly-lines, cubes, and cylinders. It unites the functionality needed to create complex 3D scenes with an easy-to-understand user interface and comes with a number of import and export plug-ins for various well-known file formats.

Learn to build worlds within the hour!  

The concepts behind DeleD are simple. Draw and manipulate 3D objects like cubes, polylines, rectangles, grids, pyramids, cylinders and more. Combine them into new 3D objects and use those to create complete scenes. Then use various types of lights to bring your scene to life.

Features The main features of DeleD are:

  • Easy-to-use userinterface
  • Exports DirectX, OBJ, B3D, Ogre Mesh, DBO, Torque
  • Imports DirectX, CSM, B3D, 3DS
  • Dynamic Undo system
  • Lots of low-polygon editing functions like move, scale, rotate, extrude, inset, split, hollow and more
  • Manipulation of objects, polygons, edges, vertices and UV coordinates
  • Constructive Solid Geometry
  • Automatic UV coordinate generation
  • Powerful and fast lightmapping
  • Alpha textures
  • The ability to cast light through transparent textures to create stunning visual effects
  • Easy-to-understand fileformats
  • Lightmapping settings such as filtering, lightmapping selected areas, dynamic lightmap sizes and more
  • Access to the Customer Area of our site, containing additional downloadable files
  • Plugin system with various plugins available
  • Visibility functions
  • Material Editor
  • UV Editor
  • Support for reference pictures
  • Free updates up to the next big version-number
  • 10 custom scenes, 55 prefabs, 3 reference pictures and over 300 hi-res textures
License Free Anything you create with DeleD version is license free. This means that you can use whatever you make with DeleD for your own purposes, whether commercially or not. No license fees, no legal strings.

Whatever you create with DeleD, is yours to use.
User Comments "I came across this site when I figured out that my friend uses DeleD. It is most definately a powerful tool."

"DeleD is the best and easiest level editor I've ever used yet! Keep up the good work."

Ordering When ordering DeleD 3D Editor PRO, Share-it will send you a link DeleD version 1.0. Share-it will also send the binary license key so you can unlock your copy of DeleD 3D Editor PRO. When we (Delgine) receive your order from Share-it, we will send you your login information to DownloadeD, the customer area on There you can download the latest version of the software and additional files for free.

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